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Medical NEWS

Mother's Love Is God-given
Admin 2004/02/09
A study was made in order to determine whether maternal instinct among rats is inherent
or gene dependent. It has often been thought that maternal instinct is triggered off by the
presence of the young.

This study revealed otherwise. The mother rat on the left side of the picture below was
caring and attentive to the needs of her young. She fed them, licked them and snuggled
them close to her body’s warmth.

While the other mother rat on the left ignored her young and acted like they don’t even
exist at all. Why do you think this mother manifest such apathetic behavior towards her
young? What cause such indifference toward her babies? The mother who was utterly
negligent of her children has no Mest gene.

The scientists conducting the study had removed the Mest gene. This gene makes
mothers caring and attentive to their young. This study showed that once the Mest gene is
removed then mothers also lost their maternal instinct. Removing the Mest gene is one
thing that scientists can do while implanting the Mest gene to every mother rat is another
thing which is quite far beyond human power.

Only someone who has supernatural power can implant the Mest gene to the mother
rats so that their helpless youngs can survive and can become mothers as well with the
Mest gene in their bodies. If God is concern of the pups' survival and has even gone
through all the troubles of implanting the Mest gene to their mothers I’m sure that He is also
concern of our existence--yours and mine.

Like the mother rat with Mest gene, we have loving and caring mothers who have
brought us up to what we are now. What if someone tinkered with our mother’s Mest gene?
Our life must be pretty unimaginable. Thank God that He has provided everything we need
for our meaningful existence. Most of all, we have to be grateful that He granted us caring
and loving mothers with intact Mest gene. Just like what my friend often says, “Nothing
can be better than this.”


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