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Real Healing
Admin 2004/02/20

Well, the experiment did not end yet. The next part was as interesting as the first. The scientists removed Mother Cloth and put a scary object inside the room. The baby monkey appeared so afraid of the scary object yet stayed at the exact place where mother Cloth used to stand. He would not even look at the direction of that scary object. But when Mother Cloth was returned, baby monkey suddenly become brave and confident. He even showed an aggressive behavior by trying to attack and bite the scary object.

Scientists also noted that the monkey was aware that the Mother Cloth is not his real mother. But he acted like it’s real. This is quite similar to little girls playing ‘mother’ to their dolls. They are well aware of the fact of their dolls inanimate condition yet they lavish their dolls with much love and care like those dolls were flesh and blood instead of some lifeless materials.

Another important truth we must learn is the kind of meaning we attached to an object. Try to imagine, you are a little girl and someone you feared so much gave you a doll. Will you be able to love that doll? I think not. You must be terrified every time you see the doll. But what if, the doll was given by somebody whom you know adores you and loves you? I am sure that you will treasure and cherish that doll with all your heart.

If the Cloth Mother who is not real can bolster the courage and confidence of that monkey then just try to imagine what a real mother can do. Some people in their battle for cancer and other diseases, they rely too much in special foods or diets, medicine, surgery or some unconventional approaches to find cure. These things are not bad but like the Cloth Mother they can offer some level of healing or comfort but quite short from complete healing. The point is if these things can bring healing, how much more if trust is placed upon Someone who is the Ultimate Reality. Someone who is the Source of Life. If the genes respond to things we believe to have healing properties then, how much more will the genes respond if we put our whole trust and faith upon Him who is the Author of Our Genes? Try to think about it.

I don’t wish to undermine your trust on chemotherapies and surgeries to destroy cancer cells in the body but the fact is after these treatments patients live their life in constant fear of the cancer cells resurgence. Of course, life has no guarantees but if we place our lives in God’s hands we have nothing to fret. God is not only a God of Love but most of all, He is the God of Life.

When we have Someone we know will be there for us, someone we can trust and depend on we also become brave and confident in facing the trials in our lives. No matter how scary and formidable the foes before us we are not afraid because we have Someone who never fails. If we know that there is Someone who can restore our broken genes, and change the cancerous cells in our bodies into healthy ones then, we can be sure of being healed.



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