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Natural Antibiotic and Tonic
Admin 2004/02/25

Do you find you are getting more than your fair share of infections? Do you catch every cold that comes along, and every germ that is making its rounds? Do you have frequent bladder infections? If so, chances are you are not drinking enough water.

Your body was created with a built-in, disease-fighting unit. The moment germs begin their attack, your lymphocytes and other white blood cells spring into action. They surround the enemy, devour and destroy him. But their ability to fight infections is dependent on enough water in your blood.

Water is one of the best preventive medicines you can take to stay well and young. Blood clots and even damage to vessel walls can result from insufficient water.

A lack of sufficient water in urine leads to stagnation in the bladder. This irritates the lining of the bladder and sets it up for infection. In the case of smokers, coal tars are excreted by the kidneys and can lead to cancer of the bladder. Such a simple thing as drinking water can help to prevent all of these bladder problems.

Depression and irritability may be largely due to the lack of water. Are your children cranky and tied? Try giving them a glass of water. And take one or two yourself. You may feel on the edge, easily hurt, if your water level is too low.

Writers, artists and other creative speakers often speak of going through “dry spells.” This may be more reality than metaphor. Sufficient water is important for our mental alertness. A lack of it may stifle your creativity.

If the water level of your brain drops below 70 percent, as it does in severe dehydration, the effect on your behavior can resemble psychosis. Patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals with very disturbed behavior upon physical examinations were found to be under severe dehydration. Often, intravenous fluids restored them to normal within a matter of hours.

If you want to be alert and think clearly, have another drink of water. This is the cheapest, and often the most effective tonic you can take.


from New Start! Vernon W. Foster, 1988



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