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Because of Love
Admin 2004/02/26

Not only does God possess all power and wisdom, not only is He infinite in goodness and truth, but He is the source and fountain of love.

Because of this stupendous fact, this “deepest secret of heaven,” because indeed God is love, He made the sublime decision to take upon Himself human flesh, and in the person of His Son, live upon this earth as a man.

Why did God do this? Love is the only answer. He saw that this was the only way to reclaim the human race from the bondage of sin into which it had fallen. Because the inhabitants of the earth were the creatures of His hand, He loved them, deploring the sorrow and suffering that had come upon them. He longed to bring them again into full fellowship with Himself, such as He had enjoyed with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Man could not restore Himself to that relationship. He had gone too far. He had sunk too low. He was morally enfeebled by sin and doomed y God’s own edict to die.

There was nothing God could do but receive in Himself the penalty He had decreed for sin. True, He could have set aside His law and said that it was no consequence; but had He done so, He would have jeopardized the foundation on which the government of His whole vast universe depends. The penalty for disobedience is death, and this penalty had to be paid either by the offender or by the Lawgiver in His own person.

Because God is love, He chose the latter course, though He knew it must lead to Calvary.

So in His own appointed time He came to this earth to dwell among His human creatures in the ever-mysterious, ever glorious Incarnation.

It was a brief sojourn, yet replete with love. All the way from Nazareth to Olivet He sought to convince mankind of His undying affection. From His tender heart love poured forth in a ceaseless stream of gentle words and kindly deeds.

Like the good Samaritan of His own parable He bound up the wounds of His enemies. Graciously He befriended the poor, the sick, and the outcast. He loved the children, the young people and the old folks.

Love was the central theme of His teaching. His disciples, He said, were to love not only their friends but also their enemies. They were to do good to those who hated them and pray for those who did them harm.

He taught men to call God “ Father,” which was a new idea to most of them. They had wandered so far away from God that they pictured Him as stern, cruel and inaccessible. God wasn’t like that at all. Jesus said, Instead He was tender, kind, thoughtful and understanding.

Many people, He suggested, are like prodigal sons who leave home proudly and self confidently to enjoy the pleasures of sin and self-indulgence. In consequence, they get into much trouble, sorrow and diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. But if they repent and return to God, they will find a loving heavenly Father waiting with outstretched arms to welcome them.

Completing His revelation of the love of God, Jesus went at last to the cross. There, as the Son of God and at the same time as the one sinless representative of the race, with His divine and human natures inseparably blended, He offered up a complete, perfect, and all-sufficient sacrifice for the sins of men.

Here indeed was perfect love, made manifest by an act of utter self-surrender and submission, the willing yielding up of life that others might live.

What the Incarnation cost God the Father we shall never know. How much it meant for God the Son to die for the human race must also remain a mystery. Even the angels do not understand it.

Because of the wonder and glory of the divine sacrifice and the intensity of love that it revealed, look again at Jesus hanging on the cross. Behold Him in whom all truth is centered dying for those in error! Behold Him who is the author of light dying for those in darkness! Behold Him who is wisdom personified dying for the foolish and ignorant! Behold Him from all life springs giving Himself the dead in sin! Behold Him who is Himself holiness, purity, and righteousness dying for the unholy, the impure and the depraved! Behold Him in whom all power is centered submitting to every indignity, dying for the wayward and the weak! Behold Him who is all Love yielding His poor, marred body as a sacrifice on this despised and accursed altar—Love suffering, Love nailed to the cross, Love dying, that the unlovely, the vicious, the hateful might be saved!

Because God is love and He loves you He will heal all your infirmities, your broken heart and soul even your diseases.


Excerpt from Your Bible and You by Arthur S. Maxwell



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