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Medical NEWS

Genes and Cancer
Admin 2004/03/03

 Cancer prevention starts with keeping our genes healthy. Since, our genes are the defense and healing system of our body, so if we want to cure a disease, therefore, we must do it at the level of the genes. It is our genes that protect our body from the assaults of nature, pollution and stress; it is our genes that repair the damaged caused by disease and restore us to health; it is our genes that when they function abnormally, bring not only such traditionally understood “genetic” diseases such as sickle cell anemia and Huntington’s disease, but also contribute to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and mental illness.

 Where can we find the genes? Genes are sections or segments of DNA (found inside the cell’s’ nucleus) that are carried on the chromosomes and determine specific human characteristics, such as height or hair color. Because each parent gives you one chromosome in each pair, you have two of every gene (except for some of the genes on the X and Y chromosomes in boys because boys have only one of each). Some characteristics come from a single gene, whereas others come from gene combinations. Because every person has about 30,000 different genes, there is an almost endless number of possible combinations!

DNA contains four chemicals (called A, T, C, and G for short) that are strung in patterns on extremely thin, coiled strands in the cell. The DNA patterns are the codes for manufacturing proteins, chemicals that enable the body to work and grow. The codes are arranged systematically and are referred to as the base sequence. Any changes in the sequence or patterns have a tremendous effect on the well-being of a living organism. If the base sequence is altered it means that a certain code or information is now erroneous. It’s like a misspelled word or command that creates confusion in the different bodily processes.

Let’s say your name is BRAD if you change the sequence it will become DRAB or BARD or ARDB which are totally different from the original one. This show how important is the base sequence in the maintenance of life. These codes dictate the production of every protein and chemical in the body so if the sequences are changed wrong proteins and chemicals that are harmful to the body are manufactured. If this is not corrected health problems arises such as diseases and cancers.

If the information in the genes are altered or changed it means that the cells have also changed. This is called gene mutation, and it often occurs when cells are aging or have been exposed to certain chemicals or radiation, as well as excessive stress. Each disease has is a result of gene mutation. Fortunately, cells usually recognize these mutations and repair them by themselves. As long as the gene repair and restoration process is carried efficiently then the person remains healthy. On the other hand, if the gene is no longer capable of repairing itself then diseases will develop.

How did the genes become incapable of repairing themselves? Why did the genes lose their efficiency? Normally healthy genes don’t readily mutate. However, if the genes are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and substances they undergo mutation.

Let’s take for example, the genes that enable the body to detect cancer cells. In our bodies, there are genes that are responsible in identifying and destroying cancer cells. We know that every day we are exposed to cancer causing substances from the food we eat, air we breathe and the surroundings we live. Now, if we exposed ourselves to these substances daily we gradually weaken the ability of the genes to do their job efficiently. When there are enormous cancer cells than the cancer detecting genes can handle, then the cancer cells multiply unchecked.

We often don’t realize that our own lifestyle is a great contributing factor in increasing our risks in developing cancer. Excessive calories, and especially the concentrated calories of fat, have been shown to increase dramatically certain types of cancer such as cancer of the breast, colon and prostate. Moreover, if we deprive our body with rest and exercise we make ourselves vulnerable to the assault of cancer cells. Fatigue and sleepiness is a signal for us to rest and give our cells the chance to recuperate from the daily tear and wear they have undergone. Ignore your body’s signal and you will end up harming your cells and the genes. Once they lose their efficiency, the body is in danger.

Exercise is a great way of boosting your cells efficiency. Exercise promotes better blood circulation. The flow of blood is the river of life. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients and other essentials to every cell in the body. Furthermore, it picks up the waste products of metabolism and carries them to the kidney, lungs, and skin, where they are eliminated. The better the circulation of our blood; the healthier the genes and the cells in the body and their efficiency to destroy cancer cells.


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