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Click: What Is It All About?
Admin 2004/03/05

We are living with a changing gene. Genes move constantly to give way for the repair and replacement. This explains why genes are easily separated and connected with each other. If genes are not moving then they are suffering from some kind of depression. Just like when we are depressed we are listless.

In the same way, if the person is depressed it is because the endorphin genes are not activated. The genes are not able to respond to the ‘click.’ I guess we are pretty aware of the click’s nature and how the click is important if you are using a computer with a mouse.

Depressed genes are similar to a computer that does not respond when it is being clicked. A computer that cannot be clicked is useless. However, even if you have a good mouse and computer if there is nobody who will press and click the mouse still nothing happens. This click must come from an outside source. Both the mouse and the computer can not do the clicking themselves someone has to do it for themselves.

In the same way, we cannot click our endorphin genes and activate them to produce the so called ‘happy' hormone. This is not only true for the endorphin genes but to the rest of the genes in the human body. Someone who has knowledge and ideas about every gene in our body has to do it. Who else knows all our genes? None else has the knowledge but the One who design and made them.

We must remember that the base sequence of the genes is definite and exact. There should not be a room for error or gene mutation will take place. That’s why it is imperative that the ‘click’ must only be done by the One who has perfect and full knowledge of our genes. Clicks done by others will only create problems to the genes. I am certain that you know who the One I am referring--God.

For us, to get the right click, we must learn about the real nature of the One who does the click to our genes. The nature and beauty around us and the Bible reveal that He is not only God the Almighty One but most of all He is the God of Love, Life and Truth. Once, we come know God’s nature and we behold Him constantly then our own lives will be transformed to His own nature. Our genes will be click constantly and they will stay active and in result we also become healthy and happy.




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