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Admin 2006/12/27
NEWSTART is an acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. NEWSTART represents the essential principles to maintain physical and mental health, as well as to be free from disease by repairing damaged genes and revitalizing our bodies.

We need to satisfy the nutritional requirements of our bodies.  However, the essence of a healthy diet is not just in what we eat, but also how we eat. We should eat regular meals, and avoid snacking or eating just to satisfy the appetite. Our genes’ nutritional requirements can only be met when proper meals are taken at proper times. The diet should be vegetarian, and include the following:

1. Abundant antioxidants, found in all fruits and vegetables
2. Adequate fiber, which only exists in vegetarian food
3. Moderate amounts of protein
4. Minimal fat

Proper nutrition is vital for recovering from illness and maintaining good health.

Physical exercise is fundamental to the proper functioning of our bodies. When we exercise, our cells take in nutrients, produce energy, and consume the energy, demanding more nutrients to repeat the process. Physical exercise promotes production and homeostasis of various hormones necessary for our bodies to function normally. Exercise helps to maintain optimal body weight, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, enhance mental state, and speed up recovery from illness.  As we age, our body metabolism slows down and exercise becomes even more important. However, it is not beneficial to exercise excessively or on a competitive basis, because the stress can lead to adverse effects on our health. An effective form of physical exercise could be as simple as taking a walk and enjoying nature, or gardening in the back yard.

We all know that water is essential for sustaining life. Water has a simple chemical composition of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and it plays an immensely important role in every stage of life from beginning to end.  When we are in our mother's womb, we are surrounded and protected by water (amniotic fluid). About 60% to 70% of our body weight is composed of water, and in order to maintain this balance and keep our cells hydrated, we must drink sufficiently to counterbalance the water we lose from perspiration, breathing and other metabolism. Water cleanses toxins and deleterious substances from our body, and helps maintain our body temperature. Water is also a source of enjoyment and pleasure, whether we are playing in water, taking a bath, listening to a babbling brook, or watching ocean waves.

The sun is the source of energy for all living creatures on this planet. Sunlight is extremely important for our bodies’ metabolism and hormonal balance. Sunlight enhances blood circulation, decreases blood pressure, stimulates our immune system, and allows absorption of vitamin D into our bodies. Sunlight aids in overcoming depression, by encouraging genes to produce serotonin, an important vasoactive hormone and neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood.

Temperance is often misunderstood as something that restricts our freedom in daily life. Temperance guides us to live naturally, and to not place undue stress on our genes. This includes avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and any form of over-indulgent activity whether it be in work or play. Everything should be done in moderation. When we break the principle of temperance, we lose balance in our physical, mental, and spiritual health and become vulnerable to developing disease.

Air is probably the most undervalued blessing from God. Many of us take air for granted. Air provides oxygen, which is necessary for energy production in our cells’ mitochondria. Exercising in fresh outdoor air is better than indoor exercise. Fresh air helps to strengthen our immune system, and has other benefits for our mental and physical health.

When we feel tired, nothing is more important than rest. God had to rest on the seventh day to show us the proper way to incorporate rest into our busy lives. Resting gives God the opportunity to repair our genes, which are constantly subjected to stress and damage. Rest rejuvenates and regenerates cells, which is crucial to maintaining our health. Interestingly, normal cells need periodic rest to function properly, whereas cancer cells don’t.  The adage “stop and smell the roses” actually illustrates an important component to staying healthy.

Trust In God
The immense complexity of our bodies is evidence of God’s creative power. God, the Creator, dearly loves each and every one of us. He constantly transmits His invisible energy or “spark” into our cells to maintain the vitality of our bodies and souls. Without Him, we cannot survive for one moment. When we trust God, the Creator, and truly receive His “spark” into our heart, His work will restore damaged genes, and save our souls.  We must learn to trust His power and have faith in His enduring love for us.


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