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Questions and Answers on Cancer
Admin 2010/10/27
How does cancer develop?

Cancer develops when normal cells mutate into cancerous cells, becoming “crazy” at a cellular level and losing their identity. Cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled manner and can metastasize to other body tissues.

Why do normal cells mutate?

Normal cells have built-in genetic programs that determine the functions of that cell. These programs are written into the genes of each cell. When the genetic programs are altered, the cell functions become defective. In other words, cancer cells develop when normal genes mutate into abnormal genes.

I thought genes are inherited and never change their character. Is that not true?

For many years it was believed that genes do not change in their make-up. But that was in the early stages of our understanding of genetics. Scientists have since deciphered the structure of genes and mapped every gene in our body. Now we know that genes are composed of DNA molecules, which are connected by weak bonds to form a double helix structure. Because these bonds are weak, DNA can easily be disassembled (damaged) or reassembled (restored), changing the genetic make-up.  

Can genes be restored back to their original DNA codes after they are damaged?

Yes. It is in fact more difficult for normal genes to transform into abnormal genes than the other way around. That is because normal genes have a tendency to maintain their integrity and resist transformation. In order to damage normal genes, a number of environmental stresses, mental or physical, have to be present for a prolonged period of time. When we remove these harmful elements, the damaged DNA can be restored. Our genes are inherently trying to restore themselves back to normal to keep us free from cancer, even without any special medical treatment.

Are you saying that cancer can be healed easier than it can be developed?

Yes. It is not an easy task for our genes to mutate and become cancerous. In order for a person to get cancer, he would need to live many years of an unhealthy lifestyle of such things as high emotional stress, lack of sleep or exercise, substance use, over-working, or an unhealthy diet. Gene mutations and cancer do not develop over a few months of an unhealthy lifestyle. Cells in our body become cancerous on a daily basis, but they are constantly being repaired at the same time. As described earlier, cancer can be healed when we remove harmful conditions from our lifestyle. Therefore, healing cancer can be an easier task than developing it.  

Cancer is therefore the result of sustaining an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time?

Cells damaged by free radicals and carcinogens are programmed to commit suicide before they become cancerous. This mechanism, called programmed cell death or apoptosis, is designed to keep us free from cancer. When this mechanism becomes defective due to gene mutations resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle, normal cells become cancerous in an effort to survive in a hostile environment.

What do you mean by a “hostile environment”?

Basically it refers to an unhealthy lifestyle. Many adult diseases such as cancer, hypertension, or type 2 diabetes mellitus are referred to as “lifestyle diseases” in modern medicine. An unhealthy lifestyle creates a hostile environment for cells, resulting in damage to the genes.

Can a healthy lifestyle repair damaged genes?

Yes, damaged genes can be restored back to normal through a healthy lifestyle, just as they are mutated by an unhealthy lifestyle. That basically explains how diseases such as cancer can be healed.

Can a person diagnosed with incurable and terminal cancer be healed through lifestyle changes?

Yes, it is possible. There are many patients with “incurable” diseases who have been completely healed through the NEWSTART lifestyle program without depending on modern medicine. Those who have experienced the healing power of NEWSTART have organized a special advisory group to provide assistance and support for others.

Is it possible that modern medicine is not effective for cancer treatment and can actually do more damage to our cells?

Giving chemotherapy or radiation treatment without changing the unhealthy lifestyle that caused the disease will not restore the damaged genes. In fact, those treatments only further weaken the genes. They may destroy the tumor itself, but many patients have a relapse of cancer two to three years later. Needless to say, the reason for the relapse is because their cells continue to be exposed to a hostile environment, causing the genes to mutate again.

Can chemotherapy actually worsen the prognosis of cancer?

Sadly, yes. I have seen many patients who have gone through such experiences. Repeated chemotherapy weakens the immune system, providing more favorable conditions for cancer cells to grow. In addition, patients experience debilitating side effects such as loss of appetite and damage to other body tissues, further weakening the patient’s health and allowing the surviving cancer cells to flourish. In the end, the patient’s condition may worsen after chemotherapy.

This story is intriguing. Are you saying that lifestyle changes are the most meaningful way to heal cancer?

Yes, that is what we are teaching in our NEWSTART program.

Now I’m beginning to understand Dr. Lee’s approach to healing cancer.  But is there a more scientific explanation to support these theories?

Scientists have discovered DNA repair enzymes that are produced in our cells, which repair and restore damaged genes. There are three different kinds of DNA repair enzymes that work collectively to prevent normal cells from mutating into cancer cells.

Secondly, our cells contain tumor suppressor genes called P-53, which produce a tumor-suppressing substrate. When the tumor-suppressing substrate is given to cancer cells, they are capable of transforming back to normal cells. Our approach aims to restore the functions of P-53 through a natural way that does not involve drugs.

Lastly, our body carries immune cells called T-lymphocytes (T-cells) and natural killer (NK) cells that work collectively to produce special cancer fighting proteins or lymphotoxins. When our immune system is restored, the production of lymphotoxin is normalized and cancer can be healed naturally without harmful side effects.

Our understanding of genetics is amazing! Basically, you are focusing on restoring damaged genes and normalizing their functions to heal cancer the natural way. Is that correct?

Yes, all lifestyle diseases including cancer can be healed the natural way as described above. The truth is that our cells have an inherent genetic program that allows damaged genes to be restored in a natural process.

So you are advising us to follow a lifestyle that nurtures and strengthens the genes to restore our health. Is that the essence of NEWSTART?

Yes. Our message for you is to adapt to a new lifestyle that restores and strengthens the power of life programmed in your genes. Cancer can be healed in a natural way when you totally embrace NEWSTART with hope and faith in your daily life. More information about NEWSTART is available from our website


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