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hand01_next.gif  About Us offers timely and inspirational health messages of restoration and hope to those afflicted with cancer and debilitating diseases and information founded on Korean New Life Institute’s primary philosophy that, “There is no incurable disease.”


hand01_next.gif  Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center is the official website of the Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center a non-profit and faith-based organization that seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle based on the NEWSTART principle. Moreover, Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center aims to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ to make man whole.

The staff at Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center aspires to offer healing and restoration to those people afflicted with cancer and other debilitating diseases by providing vital information about the cause and prevention of the diseases, and how can healing occur by adopting and integrating NEWSTART Lifestyle into their everyday life.

Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center believes that diseases are the result of defects and alterations or mutations of normal and healthy genes. Thus, healing can only be attained by restoring the genes to their originally normal and healthy condition. Gene restoration occurs when the person lives in perfect harmony with his own self, his fellow men and the Creator and Author of his genes--God.


hand01_next.gif  Our Beginnings

Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center traces its roots at Weimar Institute in California USA where Dr. Sang Lee was once a faculty, teaching Nutrition. Weimar Institute has been a strong proponent of the NEWSTART Lifestyle since 1978. People have been flocking to Weimar institute to discover healthful living through proper nutrition, exercise, and trust in divine power and primarily to control diabetes and hypertension.

The NEWSTART Program gained much popularity and a large number of Koreans have become interested in this unique approach in treating disease. They greatly desired to have the program conducted in Korea to serve the needs of the Korean people who do not have the resources to travel to the US.

Dr. Sang Lee was later, with a few good-hearted volunteers, established the Korean New Life Institute on January 4,1998 in Seoul, Korea. The popularity of Dr. Sang Lee has been a great instrument in drawing a large number of people at the start. Later, the astounding and amazing testimonies of people who have found healing and restoration after attending the NEWSTART Seminar has been a powerful influence in the continued success of Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center.

Dr. Sang Lee is a prolific writer and famous TV personality all over Korea. He is popularly known among Koreans as “Endorphin Doctor.” He introduced the hormone endorphin (the happy hormone) to the Korean TV viewers in his lectures broadcasted by major national TV stations such as KBS and SBS. He conducts lecture, seminars and workshops in several countries such as USA, Germany, Australia, Poland and Brazil. His life-giving and highly entertaining yet informative lectures never cease to captivate his audiences from all ages and different ethnic origins. The moment he starts his lectures the listeners are held spellbound by his uncanny style in public speaking. His lectures are scientifically based as well as rooted deeply in the Bible truths.


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